360° panorama photography provides a great view of the whole surrounding of the place panorama was taken from. We define 2 types of 360°panorama: spherical (you can see sky and ground as well) and cylindrical (sky and ground aren’t included in the photography, you can see only what is at your eyes level).

I started with a standard 360° spherical panorama with definition of 250 MPix. It corresponds with 48 pictures taken by 14 mm objective.

Photography at opening slide has a definition of 20.000 MPix. It was taken without tripod and is composed of more than 1.400 separate photos. In this form it could be presented as a part of a virtual tour as well.

Photography can be also processed to a look of little planet.

Petřínská rozhledna - Praha

Rozhledna Hnědý vrch - Krkonoše