3D photomodels arise using fotogrammetric methods – pictures taken from different angles determine shape and texture of the object. The key is precise sequence of taking pictures. Each part of the object has to be at least at 8-10 pictures and light and shadows have to stay constant during whole time.

Processing 3D photomodel composed only from 50 pictures can easily take a half of a day even on newest computers. Attributes of object dictates a number of needed photos as well: simple model can be composed of only 30 photos, for more difficult statue of a dancing woman (for example) it is needed at least 200 pictures.

I use modified semi-autonomous robotic head to increase accuracy and decrease time need by classical way. Downside is that it could be used only for small objects, bigger ones are still needed to be photograph manually.

Models can be published on the network using specialized browser, saved as 3D PDF file or printed by 3D printer.

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